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Chains have many uses. Leonardo da Vinci dreamt up a concept of a chain. In his early drawings, he visualized how the chain could be used to lift significant weight or power a machine. We have all types of chains in our world. Bicycle chains allow us to use our human power to transport us around. A lock with a chain can help us secure that same bike to a bike rack. Chainsaws give us the ability to fell an enormous tree in no time. The point of this post is to discuss figurative chains vs. literal. Chains can...

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I find myself wanting to escape to nature. Man-made is straight-lined and rigid. Nature is primarily organic, wavy, asymmetrical. I will look to nature for inspiration, sometimes. After all, I believe nature was “created” and didn’t happen by chance. If I want to be creative I look at the handiwork of The Creator himself. This is a picture I¬†took of prairie grass that has been grown around the office building where I work. I enjoy walking on a break or at lunch, especially on windy days. I love the swoosh sound the grass makes as the wind blows through...

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Matthew Huggins